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Posted by in Blog on January 7, 2012

“Wait until…”  How many times have you said it to yourself?  How many times have you said it to your children?  Is this simply an excuse you make so that you never achieve your goals or do you really, truly, honestly have to wait?  What are you really waiting for?

There are many things I would have done earlier in life had I been lucky enough to be born into an affluent family.  You spend your late teens and 20s working so you have money to exist and do things.  Later, after working in a job or starting a business you may or may not like but probably don’t love, you hopefully can take some of the money you’ve earned or you are finally earning enough money that you have money to put into something you’ve always wanted to do or to learn to do.  You’ve had to “wait until…”  You’re finally there!  Yeah!  And then you start to think, “No, I’m too old to start now.”  “I’m too out of shape.”  “I need to lose weight first.”  “I’ve never done anything like that.”  “I’ll feel out of place.”  But you waited?  You waited until!

If you have not learned it yet, let me tell you.  There is no perfect time.  If you wait until the perfect time, you will never do or try ________ (fill in blank).  Whatever you’ve wanted and waited to do, you will never do it.

All the advertising says that a new year is a time to start over.  It’s a time for new beginnings.  Once January 2nd hits (or January 3rd this year in most cases) and you go back to work and start a new week – a new year, what’s really changed? In some cases, your new raise kicks in, but then, so does your new insurance rates.  A wash if you’re lucky.  You start a new tax year.  It’s a new date on the calendar.  Really, what has changed?   Why did you wait until…

What I’m saying to you is, live your life now.  If you have always wanted to try martial arts, wanted to try grappling, wanted to be able to defend yourself, wanted to try MMA, wanted to be an athlete or just look like one, DO IT NOW.  You’ve waited long enough.  In fact, truth be told, you’ve probably waited too long.  Act now!

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