Adult Classes

Posted by in on November 21, 2014

Our adult classes take the very best of traditional martial arts and integrate them with real world functional techniques.  Whether you’re experienced in martial arts or not you’ll feel comfortable in our adult classes.

In addition to learning self defense, getting in shape and having fun, martial arts has been proven to also provide these benefits:

— Increased cardiovascular fitness

— Improved muscle tone

— Increased energy

— Greater flexibility

—  Lower stress levels

—  Higher self-esteem
— Better concentration and focus

The sooner your start, the sooner you will reap the benefits!

United Self-Defense Academy has been serving Palmdale since 1990. We're the official AV representative for the Gene LeBell & Gokor Chivichyan Hayastan MMA Fighting System. Call us at (661) 267-6880 | (661) 878-2129 today!