Self Defense Classes

Posted by in on November 21, 2014

Your ability to detect, defuse or defend yourself rests on your shoulders.  Our self defense program teaches realistic self-defense skills that are easy to learn, simple, effective, and address the problems we face today.  No nonsense solutions that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Personal safety awareness, reality-based training, reality-based scenarios, adrenaline response, and situational awareness are just a few of the topics we cover.  Our program also teaches you to defend
yourself against common attacks both hand-to-hand and weapons.  We also teach you how to defuse a situation.  Wouldn’t you rather walk away unharmed rather
than fight if you could?

You will learn practical, proven self-defense skills effective against real life attacks that will make you safer and more secure – whatever your goals, we’ll help you achieve them!

United Self-Defense Academy has been serving Palmdale since 1990. We're the official AV representative for the Gene LeBell & Gokor Chivichyan Hayastan MMA Fighting System. Call us at (661) 267-6880 | (661) 878-2129 today!