Are You A Creature of Habit?

Posted by in Blog on September 30, 2012

With Winter just around the corner, thoughts turn to hibernation, not New Year’s resolutions, to sunny days and beach weather.  What happens to your motivation now?  If you were motivated to fit into a new bikini this year, and it inspired you to start working out, think how great you will look next year at the start of Summer.  Start now changing your bad diet and exercise habits now.  Although it sometimes take longer than people assume, it really only takes 30 days to engrain any new routine into your regular rotation of daily activities.  We humans are, after all, creatures of habit.

So be aware that just a few trips to the gym are normally not enough to reprogram your couch potato habits, and you should set a minimum goal of 30 days of your new routine as a start. And here are a few more tips to help make your changes stick.

1. Write down a plan and stick to it. Things are much easier to see on paper and harder to ignore when they are in black and white.

2. Identify the things that send you back to your old routine and establish replacement habits that will redirect you towards your goals.

3. Make it public. Share your challenge with those around you and be accountable to more than just yourself. Tell your friends what your goal is and keep them in the loop. Facebook is an excellent tool for creating a “public support system” that will keep you on track.

So decide what you want to change, write down how you are going to get there, identify your potential pitfalls and how to get around them, tell all your friends, and start your 30 days, one day at a time. It will go faster than you think!

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